Monday, December 06, 2004

In This Corner...Ellen Mariani

My friend, Ellen, called today. We talked for a good while. So much has changed and so much remains the same. And so, it is necessary to reprint this piece, which originally appeared on Rense. com on February 10, 2004. She extends her appreciation to everyone.

For some time, 9-1-1 has meant help. Since September 11, 2001, 9/11 means the Republic is in danger. And the heroes answering that call are not only police, firefighters, and emergency medical personnel. They are ordinary citizens--people like you and me.

Ellen Mariani lost her husband in the Twin Towers tragedy, one of over 3,000 who perished in New York, Washington, or Pennsylvania on that day of infamy. Neil's death was a staggering blow, and vicious shots followed in the form of unanswered questions:

(1) Why were intelligence warnings not heeded?
(2) How did the skyjackers get through security?
(3) Why were fighters not scrambled immediately?
(4) Why did Mr. Bush just sit in front of an elementary school class after being told "America is under attack"? (

But Ellen does not have a glass jaw. She took the opposition's best shots and has come back swinging. (

On September 12 and November 26, 2003, Ellen Mariani filed a Complaint and an Amended Complaint, respectively, against Bush & Company under RICO, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. Her case is about truth and justice. She fights for us all. But, in order to do so, she had to forego compensation from the special fund set up for those left behind. (

Ellen needs your help. Your country needs your courage. The Constitution needs your support. And here is a chance to do all three. Please send whatever you can to:

The Ellen Mariani 9/11 Fund
c/o Banknorth NA
62 Nashua Road
Londonberry, NH 03053

Make a difference, not an excuse.

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